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The 2014 San Diego Computer Programming Convention: Computers And The Future


The four-day 2014 San Diego Computer Programming Convention was a big success. With the focus on computer programming and how it impacts the future, participants, speakers, and organizers were eager to begin one of the most interesting and info-packed events for them. Plus, it was held in San Diego – a city that’s filled with lots of entertainment and gastronomical options. Surely, no one who visits San Diego goes home without fun-packed memories and souvenirs.

Computer programming is quite a complicated field, and it would take an expert or a programmer himself to fully understand its concepts and methods of use. Here, we will try to simplify the topic by discussing some definitions, its goals, and its benefits.

What Is Computer Programming?

It is a method of providing instructions to computers on what their tasks are, or what they are to do. These instructions are called codes, and these codes are written to solve problems or perform tasks. The goal of programming is to make something – whether it be software, a web page, or simply an image. This is why it is sometimes characterized as a blend of science and art; it may be too technical, but it can still be creative.

What Are The Benefits Of Programming?

Writing codes and basic programs boosts your self-esteem. Not many people are gifted with the knowledge or the passion for pursuing programming, and when one knows how to create instructions for a computer to do, that is almost overwhelming.

Programming also helps one better understand the computer. Your desktop or laptop is only a tool that you use, but you will learn more about it and how it works by gaining more knowledge about it and doing things hands-on.

Finally, mastering the art of programming enables you to determine whether computer programming is something that you should pursue or not. And although you might decide that it’s not for you, gaining some knowledge about it will allow you to appreciate the daunting task of programmers.


You think you are more inclined to pursuing something technical and analytical? Perhaps you should start getting your hands moving now and find out.

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