Programming Stress Tips (A Psychologist’s Guidelines)

Stress is real and can be a severe condition for a lot of people. Even if you ask a psychologist about its dangers, he can enumerate tons of its adverse impacts on the list. That is why most experts require mental workouts such as puzzles, chess, and other games that need problem-solving. But for developers and programmers, it weights more than the usual. It is something that significantly affects production, quality of work, and mindset. But the good news is, some recommendations will help get rid of the programming burnout.


But before we take a closer on the list of helpful tips that address programming stress, let’s try to know first what particular burnout is involved in the discussion. Let’s try to understand the symptoms that most programmers and developers are experiencing and try to come up with a solution after that. But it is essential to note that not all individuals share the exact symptoms because each of them varies. The condition may look a lot like the same, but the manifestation appears in different ways for different people.

What To Do

Loss of passion and motivation is probably the most common sign of programming stress or burnout. There are chances that the developer might first start enjoying what he does but will all of a sudden feel the need for long pause or break. Eventually, there will be a buildup of procrastination, and the project might not be able to push through anymore. The passion of working becomes dreadful. The best principle to do is to keep things fresh. Hold on to the passion and feed the brain with different useful information. One does not need to change everything up entirely. Just a little new diversion will do.


Fatigue never entirely has a precise definition when it comes to mental aspects. However, its physical manifestation means a lot. When there is a feeling of psychological and physical exhaustion, programmers often feel less energized and undriven. As a result, they try to avoid creating codes or do things that require mental alertness. One way to work on this exhaustion is exercise. Taking a minute walk, washing the dishes, and doing home chores, all of these will do miracles in both physical and mental ways.

Getting stress often requires programmers to isolate themselves from the world. Let’s face it. Programming can be one of the loneliest careers that ever existed. Yes, some individuals work with teams, but the process of its progress only lies with an individual’s effort to give all of his time in front of the computer by himself. In that situation, the focus is solely in coding, and whatever gets in the way appears to be a distraction. So to be able to address this isolation, one must realize the importance of social interaction. Try calling a friend or invite someone over for dinner would be a great help.

Programming is naturally tricky and sometimes can be very annoying. There are lots of trial and errors in the process. It contains repeated patterns of mental and physical function. It contributes a lot to stress because it sometimes does not immediately show an instant developing result. To be able to secure mental health, one must practice meditation because it encourages patience. Not only it will clear out the unwanted thoughts that seem to get in the way, but it will also help programmers to open their minds to new ideas as well.


Another significant thing that gets affected by programming stress or burnout is the relationship. Whether it is in the family, friends, co-workers, spouse, or kids, the mood swings will kill the connection. It some unfortunate events, there are extreme lashing out unto people, which results in inappropriate behavior. With that, programmers must consider taking a break from all the work and spend time with those people they love and be happy. Because sometimes, the only way to progress is by doing things over again without worries and frustrations. You may need help.

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Stress and anxiety do not only intend to work with codes or simply by doing a computer job. There is more to that. Most programmers develop anxiety when they see no progress in their project. There is too much anxiety on handling codes and algorithms that may or may not work. There are tons of stresses in decision-making as to whether programmers should continue or stop striving. But that’s okay. There are things they can do to get back on track and start making progress again. As long as they understand the need for a healthy lifestyle change, things will get better.



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