Communicating Tips For Programmers At Work

Have you been accepted to a new company? That’s excellent news! You will no longer have to take part-time jobs or live off of your savings. You can proudly say that you are a programmer, as well.

Now, to be in good terms with the people you meet in the company, you should remember a few communicating tips.

Listen Carefully

The first thing that you should do is to listen well to your bosses and older coworkers. Our working idea here is that you are a newbie in a company. You do not know anyone there, while the others may be in the same office for months or years. They may be following a specific process that you have never heard of before. There may also be new programming tools that you can only find there. If you start on a project without learning about everything, you may end up redoing the task and upsetting your new coworkers.

To help you stay present in a meeting or conversation, turn away from your computer and put your phone into airplane mode. Even better, leave your phone at your desk. — Emma Seppälä Ph.D.


Speak Clearly

I want to think that every company promotes a safe space for all the employees. In that sense, you should be able to raise questions regarding processes that you do not understand. You may also present new ideas without fearing that they will shut it down before you can even finish your words.

The key here is to use your voice and not mumble anything. If you do the opposite of that, who will hear you – the wall?

Disagree Politely

In conjunction with the previous tip, being able to speak well entails that you can express your disagreement towards the things that your bosses want you to do.


For instance, you are asked to develop a game for kids, but some of the designs they are suggesting are for adults. You cannot directly say, “Are you kidding me? That game will not make money!” Instead, you should say, “I love your ideas, boss. However, how do you feel if we do it this or that way?” By talking like that, your superior will not feel humiliated, and so they will be more likely to listen to you than not.

If a message is important, such as a new workplace policy, a directive, scheduling an appointment, and the like, it is important to repeat the message to ensure clarity. — Ronald E Riggio Ph.D.

Participate In Meetings Actively

As a programmer, you need to take part in project meetings actively. That is especially true if you have to work with other programmers. You need to know the output that is expected of you. You should be able to raise objections or suggestions in that instant, too. Otherwise, you may not have a chance to do that as you start a project.

Work Humbly

The last thing that you want is to exude arrogance at work. You cannot strut in the office every day and boast about how excellent your programming skills are. You do not have to do that, primarily if your output can speak for itself. Not to mention, your coworkers may like you less if you are not humble.


Final Thoughts

The duration of your stay in a company not only depends on your technical talents but also on your communicating skills. What good will it do for everyone if you can program applications well but have a rotten attitude, after all?

Be smart and kind so that your coworkers will love you.

Knowing how to build rapport is the basis to experience success and fulfillment in life. — Aldo Civico Ph.D.

Good luck!

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