Morale-Boosting Facts That Every Programmer Should Hear About


When you talk about programming in front of someone who has never heard of it before, you cannot expect them to understand it fully for the first time. Some may say, “So, you play around with computers all day long? That sounds so easy! Even my four-year-old kid at home does that.” Others tend to quip, “Being a programmer cannot be better than becoming a doctor.”

Listening to such comments one too many times can undoubtedly make you feel less good about yourself. You may think that nobody appreciates your skills and that it may be more practical to go on another path now before it is too late. The thought may even depress you, to the point that you wreck your computers and quit your job and dream of living under a rock.

The thing is, why should you let ignorant people affect you? They have no idea about the relevance of your job. It sounds mean, but many of them do not have IQ that’s high enough to comprehend programming. If you still feel down, here are a few morale-boosting facts that we would like to share with you.


The Entire World Needs Your Expertise

The first thing to realize is that billions of individuals across the globe rely on the applications on their gadgets to survive every day. For instance, they use their smartphone to text a loved one, ring the alarm, listen to music, and take Instagram-worthy photos. They may also open various websites to answer their questions or sign in to online messaging apps to talk to someone.

Now, aren’t all of these creations of programmers like you? Without your expertise, we may still be seeing supercomputers instead of laptops now. There may not even be Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. I know that you may not be the one to make them, but you get the idea.

Your Contributions May Be Small, But They Are Not Unrecognized By The People Who Matter

Budding programmers tend to feel low because they can only work on small projects such as building a website or maintaining it. They wish that they can develop an app that everyone will want to download in their devices. They do not seem to think that they are doing valuable work by being a part of the tech support team either.

Well, I would advise you against thinking that way. Yes, your projects may not be known to a lot of people. Yes, some strangers lose interest in knowing more about your job when they realize that you do not work for the bigwigs in the tech industry. But what matters is that your bosses, family members, and friends recognize your hard work. I believe that matters more than the opinion of strangers.


Final Thoughts

Why don’t you have a little bit of faith in yourself? Is it easier to listen to your bashers than to your supporters? As you have probably heard by now, what feels easy is rarely the right thing to do. And speaking of supporters, I’ve got the solution for you. BetterHelp is an online platform that can provide you with affordable counseling and therapy. Best of all, you get to do this wherever you are, it is that convenient. Take that leap of faith and get yourself better help.

Keep your chin up and take pride in being a programmer. You owe that to yourself and the field you love.


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