Why Programmers Should Take A Break Like Everyone Else Amid A Pandemic

The fates had undoubtedly been unkind to millions of people on the planet. Some either lost their only source of income or got evicted from their homes. Others—the more unfortunate ones—became infected with the coronavirus and had to recuperate without loved ones by their side.

Despite that, there are still a lucky few whose health and job are not at risk because of their chosen careers. We are talking about the people who may be working from home even before the pandemic. E.g., online teachers, freelance writers, and programmers. It is especially true for the latter, who must do everything on a computer.

Now, even if your job has not been affected by this pandemic, it does not entail that you should be a hero and continue overworking. You must spend some days off the job because:

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Relaxation Can Strengthen Your Immunity

The ultimate reason you need to take a break during this pandemic is that working too much can weaken anyone’s immune system. From one programmer to another, I know how some folks tend to spend hours on the computer until the wee hours. That may have been fine in the past, but your passion can become a bane, especially now that the coronavirus has practically put a target on everyone’s back.

The quickest way to strengthen your immunity is by prioritizing relaxation. Say, if you cannot leave work behind for an entire day, try to reduce your daily tasks. Doing so will give you enough time for relaxing activities, such as reading, cooking, baking, or at least taking a warm bath. The more me-time you get, the more your immune system will not need to deal with stress hormones. Thus, your body can defend itself against intrusive viruses more effectively.

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It Will Help You Avoid Burnout

You see, being overworked does not merely result in weak immunity but also make you experience work burnout. When it happens, you may feel like vomiting the career that you once dedicated your life to. Your mood turns sour whenever you think about it; you come to the office only because you have bills to pay.

It is scary to think of being stuck in a job that you no longer love. That can suffocate you, to the extent that you may try everything to get away from it. If you wish to avoid burnout, be a dear and take a well-deserved break while there is still a pandemic.

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You May Develop A Renewed Interest In Programming

It seems familiar in any relationship to find one who seems to be less interested in staying together than the other. This scenario typically occurs when the two have never spent a day without each other in years.

Well, the same idea applies to a programmer and the field. Considering you have been programming 350 out of 365 days, your attraction towards the activity may wane over time until you realize that you have had a change of heart. Therefore, before experiencing that, you should take a break from programming and stay away from codes and computers. Absence is supposed to make the heart grow fonder, so the holiday should help you develop a renewed interest in your career.

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Final Thoughts

I understand if you constitute “taking a break” to “slacking off.” That’s what every hard-working individual may say, and it is not too surprising. Despite that, have you ever considered the benefits of spending time off work before today?

If you haven’t, go back to the top of this page and read why programmers—or any workaholic, for that matter—should take a break amid a pandemic.

Good luck!

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