How To Become A Successful Programmer


Imagine yourself graduating from programming school. Does it feel good to know that you will now be able to show your skills to the rest of the world? Are you excited to start or work on projects that you genuinely care for? 

A programmer is one of the most in-demand workers out there because practically every company relies on computers now. They need someone like you to make software or web applications for them. They need your help with protecting their information from hackers. 

Nevertheless, you can only become a successful programmer if you do the following.


Listen To Consumers

The first thing that you should do is to listen to the people who have commissioned you to do a project. For instance, you have to create a website for an online learning company. Your boss will ideally have an idea about what they should see in it, how many pages should there be, what color schemes will be used, etc.

You cannot say that you will do as your boss asked and not do it because that will make them angry. That person undoubtedly knows their audience more than you do, so you should listen to them. Otherwise, you may get sacked before you can even celebrate your first month at work.

Connect With Your Coworkers

Assuming you enter a company that sells gadgets or software, it is highly possible that you are not the first programmer in the team. There may be individuals there who have more knowledge and experience than you. Some may have even created programming tools that you relied on while you were studying.

If you want to succeed in that company, you need to communicate well with everyone. Not only will it allow you to avoid conflicts, but it will also help you understand the ongoing coding strategies they use. Thus, you can do your job nicely.


Debug The Issues ASAP

Let’s say that you have made a website, and your boss has agreed to launch it soon. It is understandable for you to feel proud and perhaps even celebrate after hearing that good news. However, you should be available to fix any bugs that come before, during, or after the launching date.

Having functionality issues is common, no matter how seasoned the programmer may be. You should not feel down if you wake up one day and see a lot of bug reports on your computer. What you can only do is collect your thoughts and try to debug everything as soon as possible.

Update Your Programming Knowledge All The Time

The world of technology changes faster than the weather. What may be an “in” thing now may already become considered as old tomorrow. You cannot depend on the fact that you are a fresh graduate, so your knowledge base may be more up-to-date than others in your team.

It will help you a great deal if you stay humble and updated on everything related to programming.

Do you dream of being a successful programmer? Remember the tips mentioned above by heart, and you will be a step closer to your goals.


Struggling With Programming? Here Are A Few Reminders For You


I have always been fascinated with computers ever since I was little. My family could not afford laptops back then, but I could remember my dad turning on a CPU and monitor and typing away for his work. And every time he would let me play around with it, I would ask a lot of things about its functions that usually made him sigh and tell me to play in the backyard. Of course, that’s what I would do, but I held on to my admiration for computers. When I had a chance to study programming in college, therefore, I grabbed the opportunity and never regretted being a programmer.

The thing is, I know that not everyone who studies programming is head over heels in love with it. Some people decide to take this path because they assume that it is easier than becoming a doctor. Others think that what they see at the front-end is the same as what they will have to work with at the back-end. The result of such false ideas is that they struggle with learning programming.

If you are among those individuals but still want to stay in the world of programming, here are a few reminders for you.


You May Be Struggling Because You Are Not Focusing On The Right Type Of Programming For You

The first thing that to remember is that there are various types of programming out there. You can be a web developer, computer systems analyst, database administrator, software programmer, etc. Each type has its attractive points. If you find one challenge, you can try others.

Failing Once Or Seven Times Does Not Mean You Can Never Be An Excellent Programmer

A lot of budding programmers tend to quit down the road when they experience failure one too many times. That is especially true when they happen to have brilliant classmates who can nail every project at first try.

Well, keep in mind that programming is not medicine in which you have to be perfect more often than not. You will be operating on computers, not people. And even if you fail once or a few times while making software, that’s okay. You can always try again tomorrow.


Behind The Struggle May Be A Deep-Seated Fear Of Learning Programming

Moreover, have you ever considered that you are only saying that programming is hard because you are afraid of learning it for real? The field comes with its own set of languages, after all. You will practically have to get your message across in numbers. If you have not tried that before, you may feel overwhelmed at once.

The best thing that you can do is to try to relax before the lessons begin. Ride a bike, perform yoga, or go to your happy place, wherever that is. Doing such relaxing activities may lessen your fears little by little, to the point that you feel confident in your abilities again.

Final Thoughts

Programming, just like any career out there, should be enjoyable for you. That is the only way to stay in this field longer than everyone else. If you are genuinely set on becoming a programmer, you should remember the things mentioned above and get over your issues.

Good luck!

Programming Stress Tips (A Psychologist’s Guidelines)

Stress is real and can be a severe condition for a lot of people. Even if you ask a psychologist about its dangers, he can enumerate tons of its adverse impacts on the list. That is why most experts require mental workouts such as puzzles, chess, and other games that need problem-solving. But for developers and programmers, it weights more than the usual. It is something that significantly affects production, quality of work, and mindset. But the good news is, some recommendations will help get rid of the programming burnout.


But before we take a closer on the list of helpful tips that address programming stress, let’s try to know first what particular burnout is involved in the discussion. Let’s try to understand the symptoms that most programmers and developers are experiencing and try to come up with a solution after that. But it is essential to note that not all individuals share the exact symptoms because each of them varies. The condition may look a lot like the same, but the manifestation appears in different ways for different people.

What To Do

Loss of passion and motivation is probably the most common sign of programming stress or burnout. There are chances that the developer might first start enjoying what he does but will all of a sudden feel the need for long pause or break. Eventually, there will be a buildup of procrastination, and the project might not be able to push through anymore. The passion of working becomes dreadful. The best principle to do is to keep things fresh. Hold on to the passion and feed the brain with different useful information. One does not need to change everything up entirely. Just a little new diversion will do.


Fatigue never entirely has a precise definition when it comes to mental aspects. However, its physical manifestation means a lot. When there is a feeling of psychological and physical exhaustion, programmers often feel less energized and undriven. As a result, they try to avoid creating codes or do things that require mental alertness. One way to work on this exhaustion is exercise. Taking a minute walk, washing the dishes, and doing home chores, all of these will do miracles in both physical and mental ways.

Getting stress often requires programmers to isolate themselves from the world. Let’s face it. Programming can be one of the loneliest careers that ever existed. Yes, some individuals work with teams, but the process of its progress only lies with an individual’s effort to give all of his time in front of the computer by himself. In that situation, the focus is solely in coding, and whatever gets in the way appears to be a distraction. So to be able to address this isolation, one must realize the importance of social interaction. Try calling a friend or invite someone over for dinner would be a great help.

Programming is naturally tricky and sometimes can be very annoying. There are lots of trial and errors in the process. It contains repeated patterns of mental and physical function. It contributes a lot to stress because it sometimes does not immediately show an instant developing result. To be able to secure mental health, one must practice meditation because it encourages patience. Not only it will clear out the unwanted thoughts that seem to get in the way, but it will also help programmers to open their minds to new ideas as well.


Another significant thing that gets affected by programming stress or burnout is the relationship. Whether it is in the family, friends, co-workers, spouse, or kids, the mood swings will kill the connection. It some unfortunate events, there are extreme lashing out unto people, which results in inappropriate behavior. With that, programmers must consider taking a break from all the work and spend time with those people they love and be happy. Because sometimes, the only way to progress is by doing things over again without worries and frustrations. You may need help.

BetterHelp offers accessible, affordable, and convenient therapy sessions online. So, if you’re looking for a job or maybe you’re looking for a therapist without having to leave home. Well, I got exactly what you need.  So, what are you waiting for? Better days are coming.

Stress and anxiety do not only intend to work with codes or simply by doing a computer job. There is more to that. Most programmers develop anxiety when they see no progress in their project. There is too much anxiety on handling codes and algorithms that may or may not work. There are tons of stresses in decision-making as to whether programmers should continue or stop striving. But that’s okay. There are things they can do to get back on track and start making progress again. As long as they understand the need for a healthy lifestyle change, things will get better.



Almost Ready To Throw In The Towel And Call Your Therapist? Here’s How To Root Your Android And Why

Having a therapist as a twin sister undoubtedly comes with a lot of ups and downs. The primary great thing about it is that the emotional issues of every member of the family can get resolved at home. We don’t need to set up an appointment with a counselor because we already have one under the same roof. The risk of getting spotted going in or out of the clinic decreases as well, which is important, especially if not many people know that you are related to the therapist who works there.

For discretion, BetterHelp is an online site that provides you with affordable, accessible, and convenient sessions with amazing therapists and counselors. So, if you have ever wished for great therapists but at an affordable price. Well, this is your day to get better help.

Still, one of the downsides of having a mental health professional as a twin sister is that you end up being their shock absorber. It is against their oath to talk specifically about this or that client, but there are times when the influx of patients or diversity of their issues overwhelm her as well. That is when I get to be a good sibling and listener and offer advice or words of encouragement whenever she needs it.


Out of all the general problems that my sister has ever mentioned, though, an idea that has struck me is that a lot of individuals take their smartphone issues hardly. It is not always the case, but there have been occasions in which a person asks for mental assistance because he or she cannot get over their broken or lost phones. Others who have only used a device that has come with a postpaid plan yet got their Android locked because they cannot pay the monthly bill tend to have their feathers ruffled because of it.

Well, I am not a therapist by a long shot, but I know smartphones. To be specific, I know that you can root an Android device without the need to pay hundreds of dollars to a professional. Nevertheless, first things first.

What Is Rooting?

Rooting is a method that allows electronic gadget users to gain access to all the applications and software which are embedded in their gizmos. In addition to that, it is the term used by people who have Android phones or tablets and serves as a counterpart of iOS’s jailbreaks.

Rooting a mobile device is no longer restricted to the tech geniuses out there who have honed their programming skills from the best schools. There are already apps that let you root your Android after the inclusion of a once-removed essential function of Linux, which has the full ownership of the permissions to tamper such files.


Why Do People Want To Perform Rooting?

The most common reason why many want to do it is that the applications show poor performance after some time, and they wish to fix whatever problem it may have. Another reason that proprietors of some expensive smartphones say is that they like the external appearance of the handheld apparatus, but its software lacks the critical factors that they want to see in it.

Is Rooting Necessary For Everyone?

Once you root your Android, it means that you will be changing the core of the device and overriding the power that the original creator has over it. This act connotes that if ever the software malfunctions or gets loaded with more viruses than you can handle, its maker should not be held responsible for repairing it because you have transferred the rights to do so to yourself. It is precisely the reason why, at times, rooting is best left to those who are capable of protecting their gadgets from malware.


How To Ultimately Unlock An Android?

There are several ways to root an operating system, especially since there are various brands that offer Android-powered gizmos. Furthermore, a few innovators have devised different apps which assist in the rooting process. A couple of them include:

Kingo Root

You have to download the application into your computer, plug the smartphone in it, and then open Kingo Root. After hitting the “root” button, it will perform the necessary procedure, and you only need to wait for it to finish.


Towelroot allows the person to choose which apps (s)he wants to root. The benefit of having this option is that the user can leave the other applications which are not problematic untouched, and only tinker the ones that do not function properly.

Final Thoughts

A smartphone can now be comparable to food, water, and shelter, in the sense that people cannot seem to live properly without the device in their hands. If you feel the same way, and you don’t want to lose your head in case it slows or breaks down, you should learn how to root your Android phone now then. Good luck!

Characteristics Of Programming Languages



Codes appear in various forms known as programming languages. Some popular languages include JavaScript, HTML, Java, CSS, and Python. When you think about programming languages, you can liken them to our very own spoken languages because they share many similar characteristics – just some family members have very identical personalities.

  • Syntax And Structure. Programming languages for commands can overlap just like when using words in spoken languages. To produce text to screen in Ruby or Python, you are to use ‘print command,’ similar to using imprimer and imprimir when we want to print in French and Spanish.
  • Functionality Of Languages. All these languages can make the same functionality, similar to how all spoken languages can reflect the same phrases, objects, and emotions.
  • Natural Lifespan. Programming languages are created when a talented programmer attempts to create a fresh way or an easier method of expressing a computational idea. He presents this idea to his fellow programmers for approval. If the other programmers come to an agreement, they implement the language and use it for their programs. Hence, the programming language spreads and becomes existent.

If the programmers, however, do not agree to implement the said language or if they have found a better programming language, the same as in Aramaic or Latin, the programming language will eventually die and become useless.

If there are existing similarities between existing program languages, they also have their corresponding differences. They differ from their spoken languages in several ways.

  • Written In English. As opposed to spoken languages (except English), nearly all languages are written in English. This is true whether one is programming JavaScript, Ruby, HTML, Brazilian, Ruby, or Python. They all use English syntax codes and keywords even if the programmers who create them are French or Chinese.

Although there are a few non-English programming languages that exist like Arabic or Hindi languages, these are not popular and aren’t widely used.

  • One Programmer. As opposed to spoken languages, programming languages can be made by only one programmer or a single creator. Languages that can be created by only one creator include JavaSript (Brendan Eich), Ruby (Yukihiro Matsumoto), and Python (Guido van Rossum). 

A Comparison Of High-Level And Low-Level Programming Languages

A way to categorize programming languages is through high-level or low-level. The low-level languages communicate directly with the central processing unit or the CPU. They can perform very basic commands but are generally difficult to read and comprehend. An example of a low-level language is the machine code. The machine code utilizes only two numbers – 0 and 1. The Assembly language is another low-level language that uses keywords to do basic commands including reading data, storing data, and moving data.

On the contrary, high-level programming languages utilize natural language, which is why it is easier for us to read and write. When a code is written using a high-level language, such as C++, Ruby, or Python, a translator or compiler interprets the high-level language into a low-level code in a way that a computer understands.

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Stress And Programming


If there is one thing that you must never forget about establishing your career, it is the importance of doing something that you are passionate about. Do not think of the money that you will earn out of your profession because it can never satisfy your need to achieve your full potential. It is imperative on your part to continue doing what you love so that you can also inspire others to live a wonderful life.

Take note that you can never be truly and fully happy if you will not follow your passion. Unfortunately, no matter how much you like or love your work, there will always come a time when you would feel stressed or anxious about doing them. Do not worry because there are many ways on how you can solve this problem.

One way is online counseling. BetterHelp is a Teletherapy Company that provides us with online therapy that is made affordable and accessible to all. They are partnered with different medical platforms and groups which make them even more accessible to you and me. What are you waiting for? BetterHelp is one click away!

Anyway, in this article, our primary focus would be on the effective ideas on how you can deal with the stress brought by your profession in the programming industry. Here are some of the tips to keep in mind:

Communication involves the exchange of viewpoints, sometimes opposing positions. Unless you open your mind to another’s perspective, common ground can be tough to find. — Emma Seppälä Ph.D.

Learn How To Relax

Stop spending most of your time worrying about your duties as a programmer. Believe in your capacity to accomplish several tasks. The best thing to do is to relax so that you can have a clearer mind. Take note that the more you worry about something, the more difficult it would be on your part to do your obligations. Do not be afraid to take a break if needed.


Avoid Comparing Yourself To Others

The basic rule that you must always remember is to never compare yourself to your colleagues or workmates. Just because they are advancing to higher positions does not necessarily mean that they are better than you. Trust in the process that you are bound to do something great. Instead, learn from the achievements of the people around you. Avoid being bitter from their success because it will cause some serious issues on your part.

Review your messages and emails before you send them from the audience’s perspective. Although you may understand what you are trying to say, your audience may not. — Ronald E Riggio Ph.D.



Talk To A Friend

Do not forget that there is always someone in your life who is willing to listen to your problems at the office. If you are facing struggles or challenges in your job as a programmer, it is recommended for you to open up about it to someone you can trust. Call a friend and talk about what is going on in your life at the office. The said person will surely be happy to listen to everything that you have to say. The act of talking or conversing to others can be therapeutic on your part. However, if you believe that your situation has worsened, it may be best to consult with a therapist or psychiatrist.

Remember that you can never control the way people will act. However, you can be the master of your thoughts. You have the right and power to control how to react. Think twice before you do anything so that you will not have any regrets. Enjoy your job in the programming industry. Trust yourself that you are going to succeed soon.

Being in unison is the result of mirroring and matching, and when we sit down with someone we love, it comes natural to us. Acquiring the skill to do so also with people we don’t necessarily have to like, will increase our capacity to create rapport with the other. — Aldo Civico Ph.D.


Why Use Generic Programming: Avoiding Anxiety In Programming

With the recent developments in software technologies, programmers have an array of new and updated program language features for use. Now, programs won’t have to spend so much time typing in multiple codes and worrying if they will work. But before programmers like you could enjoy the benefits of the latest language features, you need to be familiar with generics.


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5 Advantages Of Using Generic Programming

With the fast-paced technology nowadays, computer programming is, of course, not left behind. Computer programming might be complicated, but there are various programming styles available for the people in the industry. Finding the right programming style and language is crucial for a programmer.


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Basic Terminologies One Needs To Know In Generic Programming

What makes generic programming attractive to students and programming beginners is its simplicity. It is better in the sense that one need not to explicitly declare or make known the attributes of the manipulated objects from the very beginning.


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