When A Family Member Is A Programmer

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Have you ever wondered how a programmer lives their life? Are the movies right when they show programmers as these nerdy guys with glasses living in their parents’ houses? Well, in reality, programmers are not at all like that. I have had dates with and friends who are programmers and let me tell you, they are the best kind of people. Some of them are the people who I see as family.

Before we get into all this crazy stuff, let us get to know who and what a programmer is. A programmer is someone who writes code for software to be operational.

There is not much of a specific kind of look when it comes to a programmer because anyone can be a programmer. However, some of the best coders and programmers have been doing this since they were little kids growing up in their family homes.

I know of a programmer who had started getting into programming when she was in the 6th grade. Her parents were pushing her to find a hobby or find something that she could do in her spare time. Like all parents, they wanted her to explore and find herself. She eventually found coding and hacking. She had taught herself the basics, and from there, she now has several different apps that many are using today. All she had achieved, she told me, was because her family had supported her through everything.

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When we were talking, I asked her what it was like to be a programmer. How was life for them? She said, what we do is code and test the code out. If they find an error, they look for it and resolve, but sometimes finding the cause of the error is harder to do. It could take days or weeks to find it. She told me about this story of how she had several breakdowns, and many weeks later, before she found where she went wrong.

The problem? There was a little bracket missing from her code. Believe it or not, that is how big of an effect a little bracket has on code. Ask any programmer, and they would tell you how frustrating that can get.

She had told me that in all her years as a programmer, her family was her biggest source of motivation and strength. She had her off days, but it was always her family who made sure she was okay and that she was reminded of her worth.

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With everything that she has gone through and with everything that she has been told, the best way that she had coped was through the love and support of her family because, is it not what we all crave for? A little love and a little patience from the people that matter to us the most.

Now, after all these years and after all her hard work, she has her empire, and she looks back on everything and says that she has no regret. To her, everything had happened for a reason, and she is grateful for every downfall and every missing bracket because from there, she was able to grow and become a better person and a better programmer.

As it turns out, one thing is for sure with the programmer stereotype – they are almost always glued to their screens. On a daily basis, many of them code for more than eight to ten hours a day. Some of them even start to talk in code.

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I had dated a guy once who would spend 12 hours coding, and by the time he would stop, he would talk to me in code. Eventually, I started to understand the code speak, and I would answer him in the same way. It was fun while it lasted, but after a while, we would do our best to talk normally because, as he said, he wanted to take a break from it.

Like everyone else, a programmer needs to be understood and supported. Their time spent with family and friends is usually limited to what they can spare from their time coding, and as family, we should always be the first people who would support them and who would cheer them on. A common misconception is that these people are asocial. Some of them are extroverts, and some are introverts, just like anyone else.

So, if you know a programmer, you might want to give them a pat on the back or a quick hug. It might just calm their nerves and ease their stress. We also just do not know how much stress they are in or how burdened their mind is. It is always best to treat everyone with kindness and understanding because a little act of kindness is what everyone deserves from each other.



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