How Family Counseling Helps For Programmers

We’ll be talking about my household and how psych sessions helped resolve our countless conflicts.


Counseling For Programmers

After passing her licensure exam, Liv made the biggest decision: she joined the army. Granted, she would be there to tend to the wounded soldiers and assist the doctors, but it alarmed the entire clan.

Throughout Liv’s service, I was in college, studying to become a programmer.

Our conversations got lesser, it could be difficult to find a signal overseas. Whenever our family could talk,

Counseling For Families

it was as if we were not on different continents. At that time, the family drifted further apart, and perhaps counseling (family counseling) would earlier have made things easier. Perhaps counseling would have solved our family problems right then and there.

One day, I was surprised to see a missed call from Liv. I decided to call her back.

“Hello, Liv. Did you call me?” I asked when my sister picked up the phone.

“Yes, John. I am not in Iraq right now. I am actually in Vegas, about to get married to Link, my boyfriend in the army. We’re pregnant!” Liv announced excitedly. At that moment, all I could think was going to a family counseling clinic and talking to a counseling expert.


The Big Family Counseling announcement

Her announcement to the family and the fast way she delivered it made my head spin. For one, no one in the household knew that Liv had a boyfriend! Counseling, where are you? I was so eager to go to a family counseling clinic right away!

By now, I was already thinking that family counseling would do us some good. Perhaps family counseling would help the family better understand and accept each other.

Liv’s family grew. She had her baby girl six months after her big revelation.

Counseling For Families

But then her husband got deployed right after that. Everything seemed to be going well for her until her husband was dismissed from the army to use illegal drugs with three other soldiers.

This was certainly a family counseling case. Counseling could definitely help with things like this.


Counseling Helps

It was awful news for many reasons. I urged Liv to go to family counseling to maybe help resolve their family conflicts or at least encourage her husband to try counseling. She didn’t consider any family counseling whatsoever. “How would family counseling help me? Can family counseling definitely help my husband with his problem?”

But I had to get counseling even for myself when another year passed, and Liv and her family continued to rely on me.

Counseling For Families

I would say that family counseling alleviated my stress significantly.

It genuinely helped me move forward despite the challenges. This treatment truly made a big difference for me. It was through counseling that the family got by emotionally.

The family counseling expert encouraged me to try detaching myself from Liv, especially since this family member wanted support forever.

“There is never an easy way to do that. Your sister is a family member. However, you should be okay with that if it means it will force her to practice self-accountability.”

The family counselor also told me to convince my sister to go into therapy.


Family’s Counseling

I followed the familial counseling advice and told my sister that I would stop giving her monetary allowance. As expected, she got mad at me.

Liv reached out after counseling and apologized to all of us.

I was glad to know that she and her husband could work again, and they could get their family in order. They joined counseling for the family themselves. Our familial bond only became stronger than ever once we moved past our previous real household issues.


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